Features & Benefits : AR Air Regulators in multiple burner systems hold constant air fuel ratio and mixture pressure with reducing burner port area of up to 90%. Used in the air line, the top main diaphragm chamber is referenced through a bleed loader set for the desired burner mixture pressure. The bottom main diaphragm chamber is referenced downstream of the Flomixer or Flanged Mixing Tee. Mixture pressure and air-fuel ratio are held constant as burners are turned off.

  • Operating temperatures to 150⁰F & 300 ⁰F
  • All units factory tested and sealed before shipment
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 2 psig & 5 psig
  • Maximum pressure differential: 4.0” W.C

Specification :
Fuel : Air
Sizes : 3/4” to 3”
Flow : Refer technical data sheet

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