Features & Benefits : FLOMIXERS are proportional mixing devices that utilize the energy of a stream of air at pressures up to several pounds to entrain a combustible gas, and to deliver the mixture at unusually high pressure to the burners.

Some advantages incorporated in the design of the Flomixer are :
  • Use of Flange connections eliminating unions in gas and air lines
  • Easy accessibility of entrainment insert for inspection, cleaning or changing capacity without disconnecting gas or air lines
  • Universal type Gas Adjuster - good for any kind of gas
  • Mixture ratio is independent of discharge pressure
  • Ample pressure test plugs to facilitate checking air pressure, gas suction, and mixture pressure
  • Complete flexibility of right and left - up or down installation without special parts
  • By replacing the combination butterfly flange with pipe flange existing air control valve or gate may be utilized

Specification :
Fuel : Natural gas, LPG and any other Clean gas
Mixture capacity : 25,000 Btu/hr to 69,10,000 Btu/hr
Air Pressure : 4 osi to 32 osi
Mixture Pressure : 2.8” wc to 22” wc

Application :
Requiring accurate and complete air-gas mixture for Premix Burners like Premix Tunnel burners, Blast tip pilots, Torches, Infrared burners, Ribbon burners and Line burners.

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