Features & Benefits : Variety of valve sizes, Motors and linkages, suitable for most modulating applications that do not require tight shutoff service of valve.

Rugged Construction and Compatible with most of Electrical Modulating and Pneumatic Motor

Specifications :
Valve Type : Concentric Disc/Flapper
Size : 1” to 24”
End Connection : Threaded / Flanged / Wafer
Maximum Operating Pressure : 500 mbar
Maximum Operating Temperature : 500 deg.C
Actuation : Electrical Motorized / Pneumatic
Body Material : CS / SS304
Disc/Flapper Material : CS / SS304 / SS316 / SS310
Make : GTS / Honeywell / Elektrogas

Applications :
These Butterfly Valves are used to provide variable flow control of Air, Natural Gas, LPG or any commercial gases. Valve is actuated by a motor mounted directly on the valve.

It is not applicable as a safety shutoff valve. The Valve provides high capacity flow rate. The motor assembly is especially adaptable to Industrial installations that require close control of large gas capacities.