• PLC-PC based instrumentation with SCADA software system.
  • PLC System supplied are complete with CPU, Power Supply Module, I/O module, Digital Input / Output Cards, Analog Cards, Load Processing Facility and properly housed in the PLC panel.
  • PLC panel controls & monitors all critical process parameters and adequate amount of digital and analogue input/output modules are provided with the system.
  • All important interlocks are incorporated for safe operation of the system. The inputs from the field are transmitted to the PLC through suitable elements such as Pressure Switches, Draft Range Transmitters, etc.
  • The status and the instantaneous process values can be viewed in the HMI and required alarm can be generated and displayed on HMI. In addition historical trending facility & data logging is provided on HMI.
  • The process overview indicating SV/PV, burner status, time-temperature profile, report, etc. can also be provided on HMI. All the process parameter control is through the PID blocks of the PLC.
  • The PLC system are reputed makes and housed in the panel having IP 54 protection as standard.