Features & Benefits : FCR - Flow Control Regulators are double diaphragm spring balanced flow ratio control regulators that offer maximum control and fuel efficiency on gas-fired applications involving preheated air to the burners, or where burners fire against a varying back pressure.

The FCR holds a constant air/fuel ratio from cold start-up through hot air application. All control components are on the cold side of the system and are unaffected by high combustion air temperatures, minimizing cost and maintenance and permitting initial start-up adjustment to be made on cold air at the high fire condition and adjusting gas to the desired ratio.

  • Operating temperatures to 150 oF
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 2 psig
  • Maximum air signal: 15” W.C.
  • Nominal air signal: 10” W.C.
  • Minimum air signal: 0.1” W.C.
  • Accuracy:
    • Low Flow: + 0.0 / - .04” W.C.
    • Full Flow: + 0.0 / - 0.4” W.C.
  • Turndown: up to 10:1
  • All units factory tested and sealed before shipment.

Applications : Hot air burner systems: cover annealing furnaces - reheat furnaces – continuous kilns - glass tanks - etc.

Varying back pressure systems: paper drying - atmosphere generators – periodic kilns - forced air dryers - lumber kilns.

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