Features & Benefits : The ignition transformer offered are electronic and inductive type. The electronic technology system is vacuum impregnated to ensure the highest rate of insulation. They are compact with smaller size and weight than conventional inductive transformers.

Inductive transformers are traditional electro-mechanic transformer, It can be customized in many different versions to fit the requirements of any kind of application like oil and gas burners. These transformers can be supplied with and with out enclosure box.

Specification :
Type : Electronic or Inductive
Application : Ignition and Detection (2 Wire & 4 Wire)
Primary Voltage : 230 V
Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Secondary Voltage :8KV(depends on type & model of transformer)
Duty : Intermittent (20%) or Continuous (100%)

Application :
Ignition of Gas, Oil and Dual Fuel Burners.