Features & Benefits : The MICROSTREAM Sensor was developed to meet the fluid engineering demands for a precise, easy-to-use flow-rate control and monitoring system that can be applied to a wide range of fields.

Instantaneous Flow-Rate·Integrating Flow Volume Flowmeter Model OF-WN (Local display type) Model OF-WP (With pulse output)

  • Built-in lithium batteries (No external power supply is required)
  • Indications of both instantaneous flow-rate and integrating flow volume by only 1 flowmeter
  • Revolving display unit (It can be fixed to a easy-to-read position)
  • Simplified structure with the oval gears type measuring principle
  • Measurement of various liquids
  • Reset function for indications of Integrating Flow Volume (Total) and Integrating Flow Volume (Trip)
  • Value holding function for Instantaneous Flow-Rate indication
  • Pulse output function (Option)
  • To control kerosene burner combustion for efficient fuel control
  • To indicate the fuel consumption rate and ‘remaining fuel’ of internal combustion systems
  • To control the flow for chemical feeder systems
  • To measure the flow of liquid cosmetic products,etc

Specification :
Fuel : Water, hot water, kerosene, heavy oil
Flow Range : 0.085 L/min to 5 L/min
Size : ¼” to 1/2”
Max Working Pressure : 0.5MPa at 20°C
Fluid Temperature : 0 to 60°C