Features & Benefits : The Selas blowout is basically a directed-flow release device combined with a check valve. It includes the check valve , rupture disc , electrical switch ,and a flame arresting screen. In normal operation, the combustible fuel/air mixture passes freely through the blowout. In the event of flashback, the increase in back pressure will cause the check valve to close and momentarily interrupt the flow of premixed gases. The pressure build up then shatters the rupture disc thus releasing the flashback pressure and hot gases from the pipe via a vent to a safe area. Rupture of the disc automatically trips the electrical switch which can be employed to command such functions as shutting off the fuel supply or sounding an alarm. The flame arresting screen delays the flame from progressing until the fuel supply is interrupted.

  • Ensures long trouble-free operation and quick, positive closure to stop gas/air mixture flow.
  • Reset is easily accomplished without replacement of parts or disassembly
  • System design and installation are simplified by the single, compact subassembly which can be mounted in any position
  • The fire check can be easily tested or inspected without being removed from pipeline

Application :
For containing flash back from Premix air/fuel burners and combustion system.

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