Features & Benefits :Pressure Regulating and Metering Skids (PRMS) are used to control the gas supply pressure at a pre-set level and measure the quantity of gas being consumed. The skids are supplied in several configurations of single or multi stream and houses suitable filters, safety shut-off valves and metering options for a clean, reliable and safe operation at the end use. These skids are pre-assembled and pre-tested for ease of installation and quick start-up at site.

  • Media : LPG (Propane/Butane)/ Natural Gas / CBM / Town Gas
  • Size : DN 25 to DN 250
  • Inlet Pressure : 1 to 20 Bar
  • Outlet Pressure : 0.5 bar to 15 Bar
  • Regulators : Self Actuated / Pilot Operated
  • Filtering Range : 10μ to 200μ
  • Flow Meter Type : Turbine / Ultrasonic / Orifice / Vortex / Corolis
  • Shut-Off Valves : Electrically or pneumatically operated
  • Electric Voltage (for Solenoid Valves): 110VAC / 230 VAC / 24 VAC
  • Design Standards : Confirming to BS / IS / EN / NFPA / IRI / FM as per customer requirement

Note : Other fuel options, sizes, inlet & outlet pressure range and flow meter type can be deigned and offered on request.

Application :
High Pressure City Gas Regulating & Metering Stations, High Pressure Industrial Gas Regulating and Metering Stations for Boiler, Turbines, Ovens & Heaters, Residential & Commercial High pressure gas regulating and metering stations.