Features & Benefits : Multiflo Mixers are patented design adjustable high efficiency proportional mixers. The energy of the air passing through the jet produces a suction to entrain a combustible gas and deliver the mixture to the burners. The patented Air Adjuster provides wide capacity ranges in the same size mixer. A simple hand adjustment changes the air capacity and matches the mixer to the burners.

  • Patented Air Adjuster matches any burner area within its range over 2.5 to 1 change
  • Individual burner adjustments on common mixer now possible
  • Compact, rugged, heavy-duty construction
  • Constant high entrainment efficiency in all ranges
  • Axial adjustment of air tube balances the mixture pressure to the burners
  • Air to gas ratio easily set and held & Single valve control of heat input.

Specification :
Fuel : Natural gas, LPG and any other Clean gas
Mixture capacity : 35,000 Btu/hr to 18,25,000 Btu/hr
Air Pressure : 4 osi to 32 osi
Mixture Pressure : 2” wc to 16” wc

Application :
Requiring accurate and complete air-gas mixture for Premix Burners like Premix Tunnel burners, Blast tip pilots, Torches, Infrared burners, Ribbon burners and Line burners.

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