Features & Benefits : The Selas Blender Valve accurately mixes a wide variety of gases with air to provide a fuel gas compatible with natural gas. It handles high gas pressures (up to 150 psig or 1034 kPa) to accommodate greater flow rates while maintaining ratio over a wide turndown range.

Used separately in new or existing blending systems, the Selas valve will significantly improve performance and economy. With its silent operation and maintenance of an accurate blend at constant discharge pressure, the Selas valve offers distinct advantages over venturi blenders in a range of applications including generation of mixtures of disassociated ammonia with hydrogen, hydrogen with natural gas, and many others.

  • Full floating adjustable design
  • Accurately blends gas and air at constant pressure
  • Smooth response to load changes, automatically & instantly
  • Mixture ratio is independent of discharge pressure
  • One valve handles flow rates up to 155,000 SCFH (4100 Nm3/hr.)
  • Works on available gas pressure

Applications :
  • Stand-by Fuel Systems
  • Utility Peak Shaving
  • Natural Gas Trim Blend Systems
  • Fuel Gas Stabilization
  • Propane/Air System
  • Landfill Gas Blending Systems
  • Digester Gas (Biogas) Blending Systems

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