Features & Benefits : Oil-Air Ratio Regulators are used to proportion fuel flows to modulating oil burners. Combustion air flows produce a proportional pressure signal that is applied to the regulator to set the outlet oil pressure. On initial adjustment the desired oil flow rate is set to match the burner air capacities. The regulator holds this oil to air ratio at all firing rates.

Pressure balancing of the oil control system eliminates complicated valve linkages on these burners. Heat input turndown over a 10 to 1 range is achieved by varying the position of the combustion air control valve. This simple single valve control is readily interlocked with control motors to process temperature, pressure or other functions to provide precisely the heat required at any time.

  • Precise control of outlet pressure.
  • Pressure balance system for single valve control.
  • 10:1 turndown ranges.
  • 40 to 100 psig inlet oil pressures.
  • 250 deg.F Maximum Operating Temperature
  • Accurate 30:1 oil to air pressure ratio at all firing rates.
  • Adjustable low fire setting.
  • Designed for continuous service.

Specification :
Model & Size : 4 OAR- 50 (½”) and 6 OAR-100 (¾”)
Fuel Capacity : 0.75 GPH to 100 GPH
Fuel Pressure : 45 psig to 90 psig

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