Features & Benefits : Balanced Zero Regulators feature a rugged, large diaphragm actuated valve assembly sensitively balanced at near zero pressure. Gas flow is initiated by a very small pressure differential across the main diaphragm. Gas supply is precisely modulated on system demand by negative or positive signals from suction mixers or controlled pressure from an external source. The BZR regulator assures dependable, precise gas flow control on all types of combustion systems. Now available in a smaller 1/2" pipe size.

  • Accuracy : Low Flow: ± 0.1” W.C, Full Flow: ± 0.3” W.C.
  • Turndown up to 200:1
  • Operating temperatures to 150°F
  • All units factory tested and sealed before shipment
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 2.0 psig
  • Maximum pressure differential: 14.0” W.C.

Specification :
Fuel : Natural Gas, LPG, Air or any Commercial clean gas
Sizes : ½” to 4”
Flow : Refer technical data sheet

Application :
Precise Air/Fuel ratio controls for all types of Combustion system including proportioning premixers, nozzle mixers and mixing tees at positive or negative combustion chamber pressures.

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