Features & Benefits : Flanged Mixing Tees are air-gas proportional type mixers designed for low pressure drop operation. Combustion air delivered through a control valve is metered through a precision machined orifice. Controlled air pressure is impulsed to the top of the gas balanced zero regulator. The zero regulator outlet pressure will always be the same as the controlled air pressure. An adjustable gas orifice sets the gas fuel flow rate. This pressure interlocked system maintains equal air and gas pressure drops at all flow rates. Air-gas ratio will be constant over the entire turndown range of the system.

  • Compact economical air-gas mixers
  • High capacity with low pressure drop
  • Mixers designed for single burners or multiple burners connected to a common manifold
  • Integral gas adjusters and Single valve control of heat input
  • Flanged construction -- no pipe union required
  • Rugged cast iron construction

Specification :
Fuel : Natural gas, LPG and any other Clean gas
Mixture capacity : 25,000 Btu/hr to 1,12,00,000 Btu/hr

Application :
Requiring accurate and complete air-gas mixture for Premix Burners like Premix Tunnel burners, Blast tip pilots, Torches, Infrared burners, Ribbon burners and Line burners.

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