Features & Benefits : Orifice Flow Meters are designed for measuring flows of air or gases at pressures up to 5 psig and temperatures to 200 deg.C. Orifice ports are accurately machined for precision measurements. Each orifice plate has model number and orifice diameter stamped on tab for easy identification and selection. Thin, square edge, bored orifice plates are installed between flanges. Gaskets are provided to seal both sides of the plate. Meters should have at least 10 pipe diameters of smooth, clean, straight pipe upstream and downstream for accurate readings.

  • Inexpensive FLOW METER & VALVES device
  • Simple four bolt construction
  • High temperature models available
  • Plates available in mild steel or stainless
  • 5% maximum flow error
  • Two bolt quick-change plate removal

Specifications :
Fuel : Natural Gas, LPG, Air, Nitrogen, HNx and any Clean gas
Size : ½” to 6”
Make : Pyronics / GTS

Applications :
Orifice flow meters are ideal for measuring air and gas flows in combustion systems for accurate Air-fuel ratio adjustment of burners.